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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  September 2, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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government and impeach president obama? 93% of you said yes. 7% said no. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow night from minneapolis. have a great one. >> damage control. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews. leading off tonight, democrats fighting back. here's the story based on the latest estimates. democrats are facing a wipeout this fall. headed to lose the house and maybe the senate. it's beginning to look really bad. but the good news is that the democrats are beginning to fight back. here's california's barbara boxer playing offense which is what democrats obviously need to do against her senate opponent carly fiorina last night. >> people are going to decide if they want to have me back or if
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they want to elect someone who made her name as a ceo in hewlett-packard laying thousands and thousands of workers off. >> it's the record that counts. remember, some republicans are talking about another government shutdown 37 do you really want that to go through? look at where things stand as we head into the labor day weekend. my home state of pennsylvania, the democrat running against the hard right is joe sestak. he'll join us soon tonight to talk about his come from behind fight against pat toomey. should president obama have done anything differently to avert a oh tension november disaster? would we have been better off had there been no stimulus spendi spending, no health care reform bill, no wall street reform? we'll debate that point. a new poll shows illegal immigration has dropped off. is it still a killer issue for the republicans? wait till you see arizona governor jan brewer's
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excruciating 13 seconds of brain freeze in last night's debate in the sideshow. let's start with whether the president could have done anything differently to avoid a med term election disaster. david corn from mother jones and michael sheer writes for "time" magazine. michael, right to you on this. i want to quote you. in 2008, trust in the federal government was at a historic low dropping about 25%. yet, obama has offered government as the primary solution to most of the nation's woes calling for hig new investments in health care, infrastructured. some poll sisters saying even pramts that helped the economy did no such thing. if you've doning in nothing but a jerry ford, done nothing, would you say he would have been better off than being the progressive he's been. >> he would distinguish between the stimulus.
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the biggest thing hurting him in the poll is things like health care. he gets hurt in indiana for the optional things he went for, not for the crucial things he had to go for in some form. >> back to your point. if he had been a no rock the boat obama, done nothing really big, just done stimulus, you're arguing he would have been better off politically. >> among independent voters if he made jobs and the economy the immediate problem the only issue for 2009, i think arguably he would have been in a better position. >> he would have pushed almost a trillion dollars in stimulus spending. >> a lot of that was tax cuts. a big chunk of that was tax cuts. >> you're saying he wouldn't be hated by the center and the right. >> this is not about either or. clearly the economy is killing him. clearly people are angry at washington trying to figure out where the line is. if you talk to the white house, they sort of follow the line you're approaching which is there's nothing we could have done here. >> i don't know whether there
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was an easy safe haven for them to i'd. if he had done the middle of the road blah, blah, blah, don't try anything aggressive or progressive, would he be more popular today? >> if the stimulus was less we would have higher unemployment and he would be in deeper water than he is right now. if the stimulus was bigger, might be in a better position. i think it's how he did it. the long slog on health care reform made it seem like a small victory, an ugly victory. he was overly differential. >> he didn't have much choice. >> did he have a choice. how long did he spend trying to court republicans. >> what was his alternative? >> they didn't end up voting for it to begin with. >> i'm getting nowhere. >> alternative was to sort of forget about olympia snowe and come up with the solution they had at the ends of the day. >> they got 60 votes. >> without her. >> look, all right. i draw the line at reasonable. here's the point. why are you voters in these
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polls, some of the polls are not the most reliable polls. when people say that will independent voters say they'd rather have bush back after iraq and taking this economy doubling the national debt, bringing the deficit out of nowhere when clinton left it with a big fat surplus, why would you want that back? >> what a lot of voters were voting for, the miracle of obama wasn't that he got elected. he got elected in indiana, north carolina that didn't go democrat very often. he did that by grabbing independent voters sick of president bush who thought the country was going in the wrong direction and offered hope and change. that hasn't been delivered. that's what he's suffering for. in a place like ohio, people are saying we weren't being treated well with the last guy, we're not being treated well with this guy, we'll take whatever we can get. >> it has been a message problem out of the white house when you have polls showing that people
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don't believe the stimulus has created jobs or saved jobs and you have republicans echoing and reemphasizing that particular lie, and it sets in, that's something that actually i think is within the realm of control for the white house. >> there's two choices, d or r. if the people push r, does your reporting tell they know they're voting for more lackadaisical administration like katrina, more neoconservative fighting of wars of choice, not necessity, and they're voting for a guy who was so sloppy on fiscal policy, refused to veto a single payer spending means, do they know that's what r means? >> when i was in indiana, joe donnelly, won with 67% of the vote a couple years ago, is he dealing with voters telling me barack obama is not the guy i voted for. i thought he was going to turn the economy around. he didn't. i didn't know he was going to do this health care thing. that's what they're voting for. it has nothing to do with the
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wars. these are independent voters. they're not high information voters. >> obama running for election, the economy wasn't in the tank. it was in the thanks during the transition. doesn't anybody remember that? last quarter of the bush administration, that everything went to hell. >> obama went to elkhart, indiana in february of 2009. a couple of weeks after he gets in office, he says i'm going to pass a stimulus and keep my promise to elkhart. it's unemployment rate is 13%. >> it was rising when he came in. >> that's the problem. >> it probably would be higher now if obama hadn't become president. and you know, this is the administration's obligation. and democrats on the hill are livid because they don't think the white house is living up to this obligation of making a strong enough case that you just made. >> you be employment when bush came in was 4.2%. when he left, it frls up to 7.6. when bush came into office, we
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had a $281 billion clinton-led surplus. when he left we had a $1.2 trillion deficit. he doubled the national debt. those are the facts on the table. let's go back to the politics again. the voter out there can only choose between what he had and has. you're saying he's going to choose what he had in he will could the, indiana. >> they're not voting for bush in he will can hart. they're voting because they're. >> their memory of what? >> they're disappointed with what they have. this isn't election between bush and obama. polls in ohio say there's a different thing. there's a poll that a group did. >> excuse me. but you know more than the average voter. you know what means. the people waiting over the american enterprise institute that come rushing back into this government the second republicans come in will be pushing the buttons for more wars, iran, syria, whoever else they want to fight next. they will be pushing for an easier time on wall street. less regulation of the oil
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industry, more tax cuts for the big business crowd. all that stuff is just waiting to get back into power. doesn't the public think like that? >> i was at a house party for the republican candidate in indiana, jack a wa lore ski and talking to voter who's voted for obama who are now furious at both. they're going to pull the lever for wa lore ski. one of the things they aid is i thought obama was going to get us out of this war. he got us into another one. >> he got us in. >> they were using the war argument as an argument against obama. >> because he surged in afghanistan. >> he surged in afghanistan. i thought we were going to be out of these wars. >> the war is unpopular. the economy is unpopular. if obama wants to make a case. >> i might be with them on that one. >> if obama wants to make the case things will get worse under the republicans,ize not making it strong enough. he talks about iraq and says it's time to turn the page. let me tell you how great things are going in afghanistan, that is not helping. >> he gave a neo-con speech the
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other night. everybody knows he's a dove. he should have talked like a dove. you're right. why resurge in afghanistan. good reporting in "time." i may disagree only about the fact that i don't like what i'm reading. thank you guys. up next, joel sestak from my home state of pennsylvania is fighting hard. the good fight against pat toomey, the far right. and later i'm going to tell you exactly what i think about president obama, what he needs to do to answer these questions and avoid being a one-term president. you're watching "hardball" on msnbc. -[ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] -ow, ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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someone needs to invent crunch-proof headphones. he will be surprised. tim parker, do you remember when you tweeted: does anyone else have to turn up the volume when they eat wheat thins. someone needs to invent crunch-proof headphones. yes. [ brian ] all right, well guess what pal. straight from wheat thins. no way. we're gonna try this, ready? okay. [ crunch ] [ crunch ] it's a success! let's roll! [ brian ] come on boys, who's next? >> beam him up, scotty. jim traficant is on the ballot in ohio's district. the ex-con got 11 more petition signatures that he needed to get his name back on the ballot. he'll run this time as an independent. he held that seat for 17 years before his convictions on racketeering, bribery and tax
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>> welcome back to "hardball." congressman joe sestak pulled off a big upset when he beat arlen specter, senator forever in pennsylvania. in that primary, sestak might need another upset another surprise come november. he faced a tough political climate up there. pat toomey is averaging a six-point gain on him right now in the latest pollster's average poll. congressman sestak joins us now. pennsylvania, as you know, i'm talking to an expert, it's a purple state. it's somewhere in the middle. it's a john wayne state. it's not a far right or far left state. how come toomey is doing well on the far right? what is going on? isn't he a santorum type? >> >> well, you know, i just came from the grange fair parade, 35,000 pennsylvanians sitting dead center in the heartland of pennsylvania. shook every hand in the parade. let me tell you, even after
7:15 pm
congressman toomey special interest groups, karl rove special interest groups, club for growth which congressman toomey headed founded by wall street when he was a lobbyist, after they powered $5.5 million into negative ads, i'm sitting pretty darn well. i tell everybody i'm just a navy guy. we're not liberals. we're not conservatives. we don't breed them. we breed problem solvers. i'm going to stand up to my own ing party every time it's wrong. you know, you're seeing us a couple points behind. got it. this is pennsylvania, chris. you know it well. pretty common sensical people. they're not going to have a wolf in cheap's clothing all of a sudden deceive them again. let's take private social security and privatize and let wall street gamble with it. they want someone fighting for them, not a problem. >> let me ask you this one. it's close to my heart. when i grew up in north philly,
7:16 pm
there were real jobs at big factors that build big things like train cars and subway cars. they didn't have to make hamburgers or join the drug trade. they had proud jobs they could provide for a family with one person working. how do you bring back that pennsylvania? give me the common sense solution to that one. >> i just did an event down there. lehigh germantown carter. that's exactly where you're talking about. i calm out of there last week. it's all about small business. nano technology. the tool and die shop. if we were given a 15% tax credit for every new payroll job, we would create five million jobs in just two, two and a half years. and then second, it is getting community banks to start lending again. they're not lending, chris. we should be guaranteeing their loans up to 98%. then it's getting as i said, zero capital gains for any company, any person that invests
7:17 pm
in a small company because small companies create 0% of all jobs. that's philadelphia that you're talking about they've had a negative 4% growth in small businesses in the last 30 years. that's why 100,000 jobs have disappeared. it's focused on small businesses. that's why i'm vice chairman of small business. that's what i'm going to dpooks on from the senate. >> you know what you should do, ask them how many bridges are below safety code and fix them. get them fixed. this country says they can't do jobs. >> without question. >> let me ask you about support from the establishment. you beat the heck out of these people. you took the money people in many big philly, you took the machine such as it was on that day. could be more interested on general election day and beat the heck out of them. you pulled the biggest upset. are those guys still mad at you for being the underdog and beating their guy, specter? >> i'm told they're all going to be there. a lot of them are gone for prelabor day and they're going to be there right after labor day. >> look, i'm not going to depend upon that.
7:18 pm
we raises close to $2 million in just about four weeks right after the election. we're out there working every day. but more than that, i am going to help leverage those centers of excellence but i also have over 25 offices open, 25,000 phone calls a day since 1 january. we're going to build a warfare coalition like the 30 ships i had when i was a navy admiral working together. i want you to know this, chris. i'm also focused on moderate republicans and independents. i think when they find how extreme congressman toomey is, if you like rick santorum, you're going to love pat toomey. >> give me some examples. he said basically he's a free marketer. let it ride. don't do anything. the government has no responsibility to save industries in trouble. what's your view? what's wrong with his? >> let me tell you in, his book he calls it creative destruction. it's okay that we have china subsidizing their exports because it will have creative
7:19 pm
destruction in america where people will be unemployed. but they'll find a job somewhere else. zero taxes for corporations where you don't have to pay for it. when nervous hong kong working for a hong kong billionaire, he worked on the currency swaps that helped china keep down over the years the value of the yuan. we have someone who believes benefit big business, and wealth might trickle down. he actually believed on the small business committee, he/ed in half the small business budget. he voted against studies for women to finds out why are they only getting about 2% of federal contracts supposed to go to small businesses. he voted against that time after time, here's philadelphia. you talk about a challenge in philadelphia. only 28% of african-american males are graduating from high school there, and chris, it's only 33% of whites. so i'm on the education
7:20 pm
committee. look, this is about the common good. he helped slash the education budget by $3 billion and voted against pel grants. what he did when he was president, this is the worst, when he was president of club for growth, i like pat, i've had a beer with him, when he was president for club for growth, a grab bag for the ultimate ra rich, when he was president, he actually had as his principal mission purging the republican party of moderates and went after senator lincoln chafee and others. to my mind, we don't need an ideology. >> is he a right winger? >> he's farther on the right, yes, he's much -- he extreme. >> let's talk turkey, congressman. you deserve both titles. let me ask you this. are you going to get bill clinton in there? you look at southwestern pennsylvania, anywhere in that state, among the african-american community which has been hammered with unemployment, if they had the jobs that the irish guys had in the neighborhoods i grew up in today, they would be
7:21 pm
unbelievably middle class. those jobs are gone. those steel jobs. are you going to bring bill clinton in there? it seems he would be even better than the president to help new pennsylvania. >> yes, he's already come in for scranton. great rally. unfortunately, i was down in washington for the good business of voting for that f map bill that congressman toomey opposed and would have had 12,000 pennsylvanians laid off if we hadn't passed. >> will you have him back. >> they tell me i'm their top priority. i'm going to keep working on that. >> i hope your party gets organizes up there because the democratic ed rendell and you and all those other guys ought to get together with brady and win this thing. thank you, joe sestak. this is worth waiting for. you got to see this coming scene, jan brewer has been in office for a while but she had what we call a brain freeze. i sympathize with this. but it is something to watch. you cannot miss this coming up.
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back to "hardball." now for the sideshow. okay, remember when you had to get up and speak in school and you got a cold brush of stage fright? remember, anyone who's been through it or chickens out can feel for arizona governor jan brerer. here's her attempt as a concise opening statement of what she's accomplished in two years in office. >> arizona has been brought back from its abyss. we have cut the budget. we have balanced the budget. and we are moving forward. we have done everything that we could possibly do.
7:26 pm
we have did what was right for arizona. >> well, that brain freeze cost her the governorship? probably not. polling shows she's ahead of her democratic challenger by double digits. could john bolton, that was the super hawk of former ambassador to the u.n. under bush, could he actually run for president? let's -- he didn't rule it out. let's listen. >> are you running for rez in 2012? >> well, you know, it's a great honor when people ask me that question and have i been asked that question. i don't think anybody involved in politics should worry about that until after the elections this fall. >> so you're not saying no? >> i'm not saying no, that's right. >> well, i hope he runs to remind everyone what the country voted against if 2006 and 2008
7:27 pm
of the ideology that led us into attacking a country that never attacked us that wants us to make some sort of permits garrison in the middle east. this guy is is the super hawk of all time. old story. sarah palin debuted a new line of attack yesterday. remember, this is the same day that a scathing profile of her ran in "vanity fair." sheer she is going after the author. >> i hear there's some pretty ugly stuff right now coming out. those who are impotent and limp and gutless and then they go on their anonymous, their sources that are anonymous, and impotent limp and gutless reporters take anonymous sources and cite them as being factual references? >> let me get this straight. impotent, limp. i guess you don't go messing with mama grizzly. as for the reporter of that offending article, the guy she was so tenderly describing, he
7:28 pm
said he had kept some of the worst stuff out of the article. now to the big number. think jan brewer is the only governor who will sign tough anti-immigration laws? think again. a whole crowd of gubernatorial candidates are hawking bills similar to the one in arizona. how many states? at least 20. out of 37 states with races for governor this year. everywhere from massachusetts to georgia to alabama, candidates pushing the anti-illegal immigration line. 20 states are doing it tonight's big number. coming up, we're exactly two months away from the midterm elections. the democrats have finally starred fighting back to avoid big laws. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. well, here are a few ways. so, that answers that question. contact a fidelity investment professional today
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i'm veronica de la cruz. here's what's happening. hurricane earl is losing punch
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as it enters cooler waters off the east coast. it is specced to brush the outer banks later tonight. despite a small i'll sheen, there is no sign of a leak from a rig that caught fire in the gulf of mexico. engineers have removed that temporary cap on bp's buffs well. next they will try to retrieve the block preventer to try and figure out what went wrong. israeli and palestinian leaders have agreed to meet again in september. and police in maryland recovered four more bombs from the home of a gunman involved in the hostage standoff at discovery channel head quarries on wednesday. u.s. military says an army chaplain killed in an attack in afghanistan was the first killed in combat since the vietnam war. i'm veronica de la cruz. and now back to "hardball." back to "hardball."
7:33 pm
democrats long hoped that the economy would bounce back this summer ahead of the midterm elections but there is some good news out there. here's what the associated press put today. new applications for unemployment benefits declipd for a second straight week after rising in the previous three weeks. retailers reported surprisingly strong sales in august and more people signed contracts to buy homes. there's good news but it might be too late. here's what the university of virginia's larry sabato wrote today. given what we see at this moment, republicans have a good chance to win the house by picking up as many as 47 seats. jonathan martin and the washington post citizency liza. let's take a look at something that might be the beginning of the opening shot of a strong democratic counterattack led by a very strong certainly a veteran shart politician who always seems to win even in tough races.
7:34 pm
here's barbara boxer who knows how to fight in a debate last night ripping the scab off carly fiorina and her jobs record. if you look at senator boxer's long track record of 28 years in washington, d.c., you will see this. she is for moral taxes. she is for more spending. she is for more regulation. and she is also for big government and elite extreme environmental groups. >> people are going to decide if they want to have me back or if they want to elect someone who made her name as a ceo in hewlett-packard laying thousands and thousands of workers off, shipping their jobs overseas, making no sacrifice while she was doing it, taking $100 million. i don't think we need those wall street values right now. >> you know, chris, that gets to the heart of it, after all the bs or talk or rhetoric or ideology comes down to what
7:35 pm
you've done in your life. back in the old days, remember mitt romney got hit hard on this. people look to your actual track record. this woman had a messy departure from hp and now you find out she laid off tons of people. that's a hard thing to get past to people who have to vote for you. two things, one, the situation is slightly unique in california in that will fiorina's resume is not the resume you want to be running on in this election. barbara boxer did a good job making clear what that is. removed as hp executive, took a big golden parachute, et cetera, et cetera. number two, what you saw in those two clips is fascinating. first clip carly fiorina basically referendum. this is a referendum on barbara boxer, she's been in washington too long. boxer comes back and says, this is a choice between what i've done and what carly fiorina is done. that broadly is the two arguments that the parties are making, democrats trying to make it into a choice, republicans trying to make it into a referendum. >> here's the choice.
7:36 pm
in this environment, which is worse, a career politician or a long-time ceo. both figures right now. >> inspires people. >> are not held in high esteem by the american public. boxer in the past has been held by the top of the ticket, three times she's run. she had bill clinton, gray davis and john kerry. winning california by big margins every time. >> she's been very good at having opponents vulnerable. she always finds something that turns it around. sheer she is going after fiorina who is pro-life in what 20, 30 years. here she is hitting the weak spot of fiorina. let's lis. >> and i am pro-life because of my personal experiences. my husband's mother was told to abort him. she did not. her health was threatened as a result. she lived a ripe old age 98 and my husband obviously is the rock of my life.
7:37 pm
>> i respect everybody's personal view and everybody has a story as to why they come to a certain position. i respect it. that's why i'm pro-choice. i let people decide. but what the people of california have to understand is that if my opponent's views prevailed, women and doctors would be criminals. they would go to joil. and women would die like they did before roe versus wade. so this isn't about my opponent's personal view or my personal view. it's about the women and the families of our state and of our country. >> you know, whatever your view is about apportion right, whether people should be punished for it, et cetera, that's always going to be something of a debate in our country, a lot of younger voters have forgotten what the old laws were like. she's reminding young women, don't think this thing's locked in, this right you have under the law. it's always going to be a debate in this country how we treat this very sensitive moral question. your thoughts, chris. >> given where the economy is
7:38 pm
both nationally and specifically in california, chris, barbara boxer wants to fight on then social ground. carly fiorina has the personal story which she told and will continue to tell. the vast majority of californians are pro-choice. barbara box ser in safe territory here and knows it and she knows painting carly fiorina as an extremist on social issues helps her because an economic fight in this climate with democrats in control of the white house even in a democratic state like california may not be a winning argument for barbara boxer. she is smart strategically to focus on social issues. >> we didn't show it, if she had the opportunity to outlaw abortion, she would take away roe versus wade. >> she would overturn roe versus wade. chris mingss a very good point. with the economy as it is, can boxer drives the cultural issues into the fore. i think it's going to be very tough to do. >> not all women voters, this is
7:39 pm
a hot issue but it seems to me california has been so consistent on this. >> right. >> decades. >> pete wilson, all the republicans who have ever won have been pro abortion. >> here's the question. not just with the economy being what it is, but also is rowe under threat right now? is roe versus wade under threat? a lot of folks think it's not. can boxer drives the issue. >> what i liked about last night's debate without taking sides, i like the fact she didn't play defense. let me go into this. we're talking basic 0 ticks. when you're fighting for your political life with big stakes whether we fight wars or don't fight them, whether the government takes an active role in solving unemployment problems or what to do with wall street or doesn't, with health care and the oil industry, these are hot stakes. are the democrats going to say do you want us or them? don't complain or bitch and say i'm voting no. you can't get away with saying i don't like the way things are going. you have to choose the democrats
7:40 pm
have to force the people to choose in the voting booth between what they've got now and something we can describe as worse. >> to be honest, that's their best, you know, people always say i hate negative ads. i would say in this electoral environment if you're a democrat, negative ads are what you should do. you may not like president obama or the democratic congress but this alternative is worse and here's why it's worse and here's what if this person was in charge running things, here's what they would do. that's the only way that democrats win in an environment like this. you can't let republicans be an empty vessel. >> you who they could learn from? the right. here's a montage that a group called the american crossroads led by karl rove is running in key says the. if the democrats want to learn how to play "hardball," watch rove. let's lis. >> and obama care is the wrong way for kentucky. and jack conway is going the wrong way too. >> collians are in debt to
7:41 pm
washington. big spenders like michael bennett are spending an average $2.5 billion per day. missourians want to make their own health care decision buzz robin carnahan disagrees and supports the obama care law. >> harry reid spearheaded the stimulus spending bill. >> they always make the guy and woman look terrible. >> the worst possible picture. >> go find a worse shot. >> exactly. >> karl rove, the architect of the republicans loss to the house, the senate and the presidency. here he is again. >> exactly. this group is filling the void for the rnc, what the rnc cannot do this group is doing. they are rafting ads that have a very good message in places like kentucky and nevada where the campaigns there with these insurgents may not be running such top quality ads given previously the state of their campaign. >> okay. thank you very much. >> last word. >> the one thing that you see in all of those ads, the word
7:42 pm
washington. which people hate. being connected to washington is an absolute no starter in an election. whether you're a republican, democrat, independent, green, constitution, if you are connected to washington, you will not win. >> yeah, and if the voters go in there and vote no, i don't feel well, the democrats get killed. if the democrat force voters to think a little bit before they vote, they might pull this one out. thank you. up next, republicans across the country are using illegal immigration, a very hot issue, as a campaign issue to get elected this fall. new numbers show a drop in illegal immigration over the last five years. how will that play in november? this is "hardball." only on msnbc. [ male announcer ] the u.s. government may soon require brake override technology on all new cars and trucks. at nissan, we think this is a good idea. so we did it... ...six years ago. [ wind howling ]
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nissan. innovation for safety. innovation for all. someone needs to invent crunch-proof headphones. he will be surprised. tim parker, do you remember when you tweeted: does anyone else have to turn up the volume when they eat wheat thins. someone needs to invent crunch-proof headphones. yes. [ brian ] all right, well guess what pal. straight from wheat thins. no way. we're gonna try this, ready? okay. [ crunch ] [ crunch ] it's a success! let's roll! [ brian ] come on boys, who's next? more trouble for colorado republicans oo gubernatorial hopeful dan mays. he told supporters he worked undercover in kansas for state investigators gathering information on a local book making rings. they deny he ever works for
7:44 pm
them. now former united states seminar is withdrawing support saying it's for concerns for his credibility. i love it when they get caught.
7:45 pm
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may be more important than ever. choose a company you can depend on. call now. liberals won't like it when i empower local law enforcement to help deport illegal aliens but it must be done because the federal government has failed to secure our borders and illegal aliens are costing georgia taxpayers over a billion dollars every year. i'm not worried about the liberals. . my concern is you. >> wow, welcome back to "hardball." georgia candidate nathan deal is not alone in making immigration
7:47 pm
a hot campaign issue. politico reports candidates in 20 states are endorsing anti-immigration laws. a new pew report shows illegal immigration has dlopd sharply from an average of almost -- 50,000, almost a million at the start of the decade to just 300,000 at this time right now. and the estimated number of illegal immigrants overall living in the u.s. is down now from a peak of 12 to 11.1 in 2009. maria kumar is executive director of voto latino. alfonso aguilar. maria, where does this stand right now? we're going to show tough stuff from jan brewer. here's jan brewer. we showed her in her brain freeze a moment ago. here she is on fox in june. >> it's a good bill. and it's another tool for us to be able to use in order to get
7:48 pm
our borders under control. we cannot afford all this illegal immigration and everything that comes with it, from the crime to the drugs and kidnappings and extortion and beheadings and the fact that people can't feel safe in their communities. it's wrong. it's wrong. >> beheadings may have grabbed you. medical examiners and cornerers said they hand the seen immigration related beheadings. so reporters challenged her after last night's debated to see what is she talking about. let's listen to her nonresponse. >> governor, why wouldn't you recant the comment you made earlier about the beleddings in the desert? >> that's a serious question, governor. >> well, this was an interesting evening tonight. >> please answer the question. about the headless bodies. why wouldn't you recant that. >> okay, thank you all. >> governor.
7:49 pm
>> maria teresa, is that an issue? it's a serious issue. i'm not going to play down. i want a legal system, i want a liberal system. but i want it enforced. i think we ought to have a system of dpest workers, a system of liberal immigration but i want it on paper. i want the game to end and the cheap exploitation of labor to end. i don't want anybody getting hired in this country under the table anymore. i want everybody getting social security, everybody paying taxes and getting the benefits of residence, legal residence when working here. i don't want any more game playing by the democrats or the business people or anybody else, even the civil liberties people. everybody's playing a game on this issue. that's my setup to our conversation. let's have a serious conversation. there are no good guys. everybody is playing a game. tell me where this is going to play lily this november. how is this issue going to cut, this illegal immigration issue? i think first of all, the
7:50 pm
republicans are filling leadership vacuum and creating racial profiling. that's one of the reasons the brewer bill was gutted by the federal court. this is a prime opportunity for the democrats to face it instead of cowering to the republicans republicans, the democrats have to come up with a common sense solution. with the comprehensive bill that was just offered, it does exactly what you're saying, chris. it's incredibly tough on undocumented individuals. they have to pay taxes, get to the back of the line, secure the border more than anything. there's everify. every single person in the you united states -- >> here we go on that one. what's your point of view? she said let's do something on verification, no illegal hiring, let's let people become americans if they're willing to pay the price and do it right. what's your alternative? >> we need to strengthen border security. at the same time, we need a guessworker program. the root of the prospect here -- >> who's against that? >> the democrats are. >> what? >> because they're controlled by
7:51 pm
the unions. the president of the afl-cio saying you cannot have comprehensive immigration reform with a guest worker program. obama only mentioned glorified sanctions. without a program to facilitate the guest worker problem, we're not going to solve this it problem. only republicans are mentioning a guest worker problem. >> let me get back to you so you can respond. maria? >> with the republican party, the only thing you found with the 21 states promoting this tough on undocumented individuals, it's racial profiling. >> responds to what he said. part of the solution is to me clean up the system, no more games, no more illegality, cheap hiring of exploitation of labor or game playing by the
7:52 pm
democrats. are you for a guest worker program or not? he said you're not. >> no. we have to have smart solutions. that's part of the legislation. >> you're not answering the question. >> i am, chris. that's part of the legislation that scheuer introduced. it's talking aboutip#hñ making you talk about e-verify. >> it's not in the bill? >> no. >> pardon? >> they would create a commission, another bureaucracy to determine how many people come in each year. in the obama administration, he would appoint people from the labor unions. >> who's going to help in this election? >> right now it's going to help the republicans. the latino vote doesn't see any leadership from either the republicans or the democrats. and the democrats -- >> thanks. as always, when we return i'm going to have some thoughts about the dire political future facing democrats two months from today.
7:53 pm
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7:56 pm
let me finish tonight with the dire political future facing the democrats two months from now. here it is straight from the shoulder. no bedside manner, strictly
7:57 pm
"hardball." it looks like the republicans are going to win control of the u.s. government next january. if they win the house of representatives, that's enough. they'll control tax policy, spending policy, overall fiscal policy, trade policy and they'll control the power of subpoena. they can push tax cuts up to the hit and launch endless investigations into this administration. mr. obama will still be president but the opposition will be controlling the headlines and what gets done, except for foreign policy, where he'll keep control of things like the mid east and the afghanistan war. this transformtive presidency will be pretty much stymied. i'm giving it to you strictly "hardball." this is the way it looks. even if the republicans don't win the senate, which larry s b saabito thinks they could do. people who voted for the president are disappointed by the bad economy.
7:58 pm
dis disillusioned with this distant guy in the white house. he's got two months to do something about it, to salvage a rough result, to save the senate seats of progressives, barbara boxer, patty murray and russ feingold. to give candidates a better chance. and maybe help bring in harry reid as well. every one of these candidates could lose, bringing about a total democratic calamity on november 2nd. on the other hand, every one of these senate candidates has a solid chance of winning. the key is for the president to campaign to be the person he was from 2004 through 2008, the inspiring, hard-working, focused democratic hero that he was. he needs to sell his connection, as he did through you all that time with the prospect of change. he's been working on change, creating jobs, doing health care, cleaning up wall street, working for a peaceful u.s. role
7:59 pm
abroo abroad. he's got to sell it. that he barack obama gives a damn, but put together a tough effort to turn our problems around. he's got to make the case that this november begins everything we've done. he needs to set the terms for the next two years of political combat. the republicans, it's clear already, will use the coming two years to win back the white house. their opposition, if it continues on course, will be mainly destructive. that means the president needsed to challenge the voters, his voters with lethal questions. do you want wars on demand, untamed gluttonous wall street. that will be the case if the republicans get their tax policies securely in place. he better start making that sound as terrible as it is.